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Address: Moscow, st. 2-ya Zvenigorodskaya, Building 12, building 2, office 527. Phone: + 7903-797-29-97.

This is the original decor of the wear as well as its neat design and multipurpose character which provide for the high applicability of the brand’s articles. The careful choice of natural materials mainly makes our clothing light, durable, pleasant to touch and to look at, providing for its really high quality. The cut of our cloths is neat and adjusted so as not to restrict children in their multiple activities, allowing kids of every possible body structure to feel really comfortable. by KASL’s handsome, durable and multipurpose clothes can suit all possible occasions, every item going quite well with other articles from the collection and forming attractive ensembles.

by KASL is the brand aiming at those parents who really care about both – their kid’s neat appearance and physical comfort.