I. General Provisions

 Privacy Policy Provision (further used as Privacy Provision) is to be considered as an official document of «К.А.С.Л.» Limited Liability Company (further used as Company), whose address is 19 (b.1), Zvezdny Boulevard, Moscow, Russia; post code: 129085. This Privacy Policy Provision is aiming at determining the order and succession of processing and protecting all possible information concerning those natural persons (further used as Customers) who consume the products and services as well as make use of the programs (including the Loyal Customer programs) and information of the web store with the following domain name: www.bykasl.com (further used as Website).

Company views Privacy Policy as an important means of protecting personal rights and freedoms of its Customers (including their rights to personal and family life privacy) while processing their private information, so that their personal data are to be necessarily protected against both illegal access and  disclosure.

order to achieve the above Privacy safety the Company has thoroughly elaborated its Privacy Policy which regulates and describes our way of processing any possible personal information. By the latter we mean all kinds of operations and sets of operations (using/ not using automation) on personal data which include obtaining, collecting, arranging, organizing, classifying, accumulating, storing, specifying (changing, updating), deriving, using, conveying (access, distribution, providing), deleting, sanitization, freezing, eliminating any personal information.

relations and interactions which involve any Customers’ personal data processing are to be regulated by the present Privacy Policy Provision, as well as other official documents of the Company.

personal data processing carried out by the Company is based on the principles of justice, fairness and integrity, and is accomplished on the legal terms with regards of the following principles and provisions:

  • – legality of aims and ways of processing personal information,
  • – full correspondence of aims of processing personal information with the aims determined and claimed before the data processing as well as with authority of the Company,
  • – full correspondence of the amount and kind of personal data under processing as well as the ways of their processing with the concrete aims of the processing.

This Privacy Policy Provision is to regulate every single kind of processing personal data and confidential information (i.e. any information helping in identification or recognition of a person, or other information of a similar kind) concerning natural persons who appear to consume either products or services of the Company.

This Privacy Policy is to apply to processing personal data and confidential information which might be obtained and collected by any possible means and ways of gathering information – both active and passive, both via the Internet and mouth-to-mouth (from any person in any part of the world).

II. Personal data Gathering

The aim of processing personal data is to fulfill the Company’s obligations to Customers in the part of using the Website as well as its services.

Processing of the Customer’s personal data is accomplished with the consent of the person whose personal data are going to undergo the processing.

By personal data we mean every kind of confidential information concerning -either directly or indirectly – a certain natural person (the data subject) that might appear helpful in the attempt to identify the person in question, or to establish the contact with him/ her.

Your personal data might be requested by the Company whenever you want to communicate with us. The Company is allowed to make use of your personal data in full accordance with its Privacy Policy presented in this Provision. The Company is also allowed to combine your personal data with some other information for the sake of providing and improving the quality of the Company’s products, services, informational content and business interactions.

Several kinds of personal data which might be requested by the Company as well as the way of how we might apply them are presented below:

Name (first name and surname), date of birth, sex, matrimonial status, address and postcode, phone number, e-mail address, number of the credit card.

Some other personal data might also be requested from you by the Company so that we could fulfill our obligations to you as our Customer in full accordance with the Service Contract. Thus, the Company is allowed to request from the Customer such a document as a copy of his/her Identity Card or some other document containing his/her name (first name and surname), photograph of the Customer or some other data which the Company regards as necessary and sufficient for the Customer’s identification and which would help to avoid abuse and violations of rights of third parties.

While dealing with our Customers’ personal data the Company provides for their sufficiency and topicality as well as accuracy of data processing.

III. Storage and Application of personal data

The Way We May Use and Apply Your Personal Information

Your personal data collected by the Company allow us to forward you our notifications concerning some special offers, new products and interesting events as well as to improve our goods, communication and the content. In case you don’t have any intentions to be included into our mailing list, you may inform us about it either by changing your profile on the Website or by using one of our feedback contacts

Your personal data might also be used to forward you some of our most important notifications concerning some changes in the Company’s terms, provisions and policy, as well as some messages confirming the orders placed by the Customer or the purchase accomplished. This information being of a paramount importance for the Company vs.Customer interactions,  you can hardly refrain from receiving notifications of this kind.

Your personal data might also be used for the needs of the Company, including carrying out some research aiming at improving the Company’s products and services, its better interactions with the Customers, auditing the Company.

In case you might take part in some Customers stimulating programs and events (contests, prize drawings, etc.) initiated by the Company, we reserve the  right to apply your personal data for the sake of managing this kinds of programs.

   Gathering and Application of  Impersonal Kind of Information

The Company might collect the data regarded as impersonal in the way that it doesn’t allow us to directly associate it with a concrete individual. This impersonal kind of information might be gathered, made use of, conveyed and disclosed for quite a number of different purposes. Several kinds of impersonal data which might be collected by the Company as well as the way of how we might apply them are presented below:

We might request from you some information concerning:

  • – your job or other kind of occupation,
  • – UUID,
  • – your post code and location,
  • – the time zone  where a certain product of the Company is used.

The above data might be collected with the view of our better understanding the Customers’ behavior as well as our intentions to improve the quality of our products, services and interactions.

The Company might also request some data from the Customers in order to see what it is that they find most interesting about our Website. The data of this kind are gathered and made use of because they are quite useful in our attempt to understand which aspects and features of our Website, services and products appear to be most interesting and attractive for  the Customers, and  really helpful in providing the Customers with most detailed information of what we produce and offer. In accordance with and for the sake of the present Privacy Policy the sum total of the above data should be regarded as data/information of an impersonal character.

IV. Personal Data Transmission

No personal data of the Customer can be transmitted to any third party, except for those cases which are stipulated in the present Provision.

Personal data processing is accomplished without any limitations as to time, by any legal means available (including those using the informational systems of personal data) either with or without any kind of automation.

The Customer agrees that the Company is allowed to transmit any personal data collected to the third parties, such as post offices, courier services, telecom providers, etc. only for the purposes appointed in the part “Personal data Gathering” of this  Provision.

In case the Company might possess the Customers’ appropriate instructions or approvals on this point, it may take liberties as to transmit their personal data to the third parties (the Company’s parties to the trade) provided that the above mentioned contracting parties commit themselves to safeguard the confidentiality of the information received, particularly, while dealing with enclosures.

All enclosures (appendices) the Customers might come across and make use of on the Website are posted and operated by the third parties (developers’ teams) who do not depend in their actions on the Company and who do not act for and on behalf of the Company. Hence, the Customers should familiarize themselves with the service delivery rules of the third parties as well as with their Privacy Policy by themselves and on their own, without the Company’s assistance.

The Customers’ personal data might be transmitted to any authorized governmental body on the request based on legal foundations and exclusively in full accordance with the corresponding procedure prescribed by the Law of the Russian Federation.

The Customers’ personal data are to be immediately frozen by the Company as soon as we receive a request either from the Customers themselves, or from their plenipotentiary representatives (including the authorities for the protection of the right of any person to have and not disclose their personal information) in case any inaccuracy in presenting the Customers’ personal data or any illegal actions might have been indicated.

Personal Data Disclosure to the Third Parties

In a number of particular cases the Company is allowed to disclose some concrete amount of the Customers’ personal information and data to our strategic partners – those, who work closely with the Company in presenting our products / services, or those, who help the Company to realize our products/accomplish our services. The Company is allowed to disclose to the third parties mentioned above that very minimum of the Customers’ personal data (exclusively) which might be absolutely essential for the certain service/transaction to be accomplished.

The Customers’ personal data might be disclosed by the Company (exclusively) with the aim of providing or improving our goods/services / communications and interactions involved.

In case the Company would like to use any of your personal data to achieve any of our other goals or for any of our other reasons, we may write a request for your consent to process your personal data.

Service Delivery Units

The Company is allowed to disclose the Customers’ personal data/information to other companies dealing with the following: information processing, granting credits, products’ delivery, execution of the Customers’ orders and other Customers’ services, indicating your interest to our products/services, conducting polls to learn about our Customers and whether they enjoy our goods/services. All those other companies mentioned above wherever they happen to be located, undertake to protect and safeguard the confidentiality of your personal data/information.

Other People

The Company might find it essential – in court proceedings, judicial examination and/or on the state/public request (either in or outside you country) – to disclose the Customers’ personal data in full accordance with the Law. The Company is also allowed to disclose the Customers’ personal data/information whenever we realize that the disclosure would be both necessary and suitable for the sake of national safety, law enforcement, any other case of public significance.

The Company is also allowed to disclose the Customers’ personal data/information whenever we realize that the disclosure would be necessary either for implementing our certain provisions and regulations or for the sake of our Customers’ safety, as well as for the sake of protection of our own business activities.

V. Data Elimination

 The Customers’ personal data are deleted (eliminated) in the following cases:

  • – in all cases established in the sales contract (in the part when the Company is to delete the data posted by the Customer as well as his/her Home page);
  • – in the case of the Customers’ withdrawal of their consent to process their personal data.

Application of СOOKIES identification files and other processing techniques.

СOOKIES identification files and such processing techniques as pixel tags and web beacons might be used in our communications  via the Internet (e-mail, Website, appendices and enclosures, etc.).The above processing techniques would inform us on which of our Website sections have become most popular among our Customers, and, thus, might be quite helpful in our attempts to understand our Website users’ behavior, as well as in our assessment of advertising and network search efficiency.

In our communications with the Customers the Company’s goal is to make our contacts both more personal (confidential) and more convenient. Thus, if we are familiar with your first name, we might use it while communicating with you. Provided that we know that there has been some purchase of our products made through your computer (or your other device), we could send you some advertising information which could correspond better to your needs and interests. As the final result, all information collected from our Website is going to help us provide higher quality services to our Customers.

The Customers are allowed to disable СOOKIES on their Web-browsers/ mobile devices. In this case, however, the Customers should take into consideration that certain functions of our Website would become inaccessible for them.

As it is done in the case of many other Websites, the Company’s Website automatically gathers and stores in its stat. files the following data: IP-address, type and language of the browser, information about the internet service provider, reference frame, exit page, information about the operating system, date and time note, information about the Website visits. The data above are used by the Company for examining and analyzing existing tendencies, studying users’ behavior on the site, gathering demographic information concerning the main body of our Customers and  for the needs of the Website administration.

 The Company might sometimes use certain interactive references to the information posted on our Website while communicating with the Customers via e-mail. Before the Customers go through the link and read some information on the Website of the Company, their requests undergo some separate registration. The Company monitors all possible information of transitional type in order to see which of the subjects appear to be most popular among the Website users, as well as to assess the efficiency of our communications with the Customers. If the latter prefer not to be monitored like that, they are recommended to ignore text or graphic references contained in our e-mail messages.

The applied pixel tags allow us to forward our e-mail messages in the format suitable for the Customers while reading them, as well as to learn whether our messages have been read by the Customers or not. The information thus obtained might be used by the Company to send fewer messages to certain Customers or to stop sending them our messages entirely.