Payments for Goods with your credit card via the Internet>

You may pay for the goods ordered with your Mastercard or Visa credit card via the Uniteller processing center dealing with online acquiring. As soon as your order is confirmed, you’ll be immediately redirected to the Uniteller’s secure payment page where you are to enter your bank card details. In case your payment is successfully carried out, you’ll get an e-check containing all necessary information as for the payment transaction accomplished.

Security Garantees

The security of the Uniteller processing is certified by the data security standard of payment card industry PCI DSS. The reliability of the service is provided by the intelligent monitoring system of fraudulent transactions as well as by the application of the up-to–date “3D Secure”, the technology specially elaborated to provide for the Internet payments’ security. Your credit card details are entered on a special secure payment page. The transmission of your information to the processing company Uniteller is done by using the TLS encryption technology. Any further transmission of your information is carried out via closed banking networks that offer the highest level of security and reliability. Uniteller does not transfer your credit card details to the shop or to any other third parties. In case your card supports the above “3D Secure” technology, you are to pass an additional user check at the issuing Bank, i.e. the Bank that issued your credit card. Therefore, you will be directed to the Bank that issued the card. The way of how the card will be checked is determined by the Bank. It might be either an additional password that is sent by SMS, or the card of some alternate codes, or any of the other ways. You are welcome to send any of your possible questions to the technical support service of the Uniteller processing center.

Cash Payments

You may pay cash for the purchased goods as soon as they are delivered to you and give your money directly to the courier in case the goods are delivered by Boxberry couriers.